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Pure Om Yoga is a Private & Semi-Private Studio

PURE OM PROMOTES Consistently Practicing Yoga. Learn Yoga Principles & Daily Practices for Your Life.  Create Awareness of Self, Do the Work, then Allow the Shift of Habits, Processes, & Mind-sets. Real Yoga for Your Life-Long Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Health.
The Intro to Pure Om Yoga Session is Highly Recommended for New Clients to the Studio. It is the First Step on Your Path here at Pure Om.
Please call (531) 210-8900 to set up this Personalized Session Time.


Signing in online and pre-booking YOUR MINIMUM, ONCE A WEEK, sessions for the month is part of being dedicated to the changes yoga brings.  The studio is dedicated to clients who are seeking individualized and personal yoga practices & teaching.

Please reserve your place in semi-private daily sessions for the MONTH in advance and for the same day + time sessions each week. space is limited. Pre-booking is easy and you will be guided on this. a minimum of one session time a week is required to practice at the studio.  

Each session package is to be used in given time frame. If you do not use the sessions, they cannot be transferred or extended. no exceptions. a dedicated practice is key to any lasting or noticeable lifestyle change and is truly just the beginning.  A daily sustainable practice is the goal. 


It's ok to change your mind, but please do it 48 hours in advance for semi-private daily sessions or 48 hours in advance for private sessions. Full session fees will be automatically charged for not keeping a scheduled session appointment.

Please respect the Teachers and Other Clients to the Studio & Be MINDFUL of this policy. Time is valuable and your Presence is Appreciated!

Sessions will not be held if there are less than 4 clients signed-up 48 hrs in advance.

Pure Om reserves the right to cancel sessions at any time.



All private & semi-private packs & daily sessions must be used with-in the allotted amount of time.  Keep up on your daily practice.  Do your practice and all is coming.

NO Extensions or Refunds. All pricing options & schedules are subject to change.


Be respectful of space & time. yours and others

Honor your body and where you are in your practice 

Come as you are leave everything better than you came

Invest in yourself through a committed daily practice

Love yourself

Come hydrated, clean, ready.

Pure Om is grateful for each of you, thank you for being part of a new, more personalized style of yoga studio. xo, MK

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